Au Revoir

03-06-2017 3:30P.M.
So, here comes the day, leaving for home never felt so hard. It was as if I am leaving a part of me behind, a big part of me. Sitting in a corner in coffee house, as I sip my espresso, I see around. I see faces.
Happy faces, stressed faces, faces filled with joy, faces hiding in plain sight. Human beings have
evolved a lot over ages but emotions control them still, their scars haunt them still. Had it been
the other way around, who would care to know the color of someone's eyes? Had it not been the fear,
how would peace suffice us? Enough of what if's! Talking about now. What do I see? I see people on run, I see people not living, not having fun, just roaming in the mall for the sake of pseudo-leisure. Have they forgotten what is it like to sit in a park, to walk bare-footed on grass, to feel happiness, to feel anything natural (says the person sitting alone in the coffee shop sipping not-so-natural-espresso). Well, my intestines have a great tendency of a…

Beyond human understandings.

To keep up for the sake of love,
for emotions are beyond human understandings.


Recently, I have noticed that winter is already here. Cold days, duh.
I could't put apart the thought that what actually is cold, days or the people. Apparently, I have been coming across many people who are just waking dead. People, these days, have lost interest in stories, fairy tales, romance, flowers, those black-and-white photo albums, hand-written journals and many many more such things that are full of life. Is it social media's fault or has the technology taken us apart?
The generation quoted as "90's kid" is living with the ultimate fear of jobs, higher education, and they are forgetting what exactly they should be doing. All the aspirations that we had when we were in 5th grade are fading away.  All the creative writers, freelance poets, wildlife photographers, chefs are engineers now or probably commerce students. This is not where we belong.
All the frustration in our heads has put our hearts to shallow feelings. We do not love anymore, we just take…

Story: Heart-beat.

Perhaps, something more subtle wouldn't have done much harm. She was expecting "Stay" instead.
That feeling of "not being loved" felt like thousands of pins penetrated her heart just at once. She was expecting "I love you", maybe. Sitting all alone in the corner of her room, staring at the wall, her mind started working in favor of him.

"It is me who always over-reacts to things. He didn't even say anything. I should be ashamed of making him feel embarrassed in front of his friends. I am such a dumb-struck."

He didn't even say anything, maybe he should have but Mira wasn't ready to accept the reality.

Story: Heart-beat.

She was a perfect epitome of love, filled with care and irresistible love. She was a person to die for.  She was over-occupied with his thoughts though, but she never forgot to smile. He was tall, dark and handsome with all the charm just a look away. He loved her but he never skipped a heart-beat while lying to her(only if it makes sense). Even when she knew he was lying, she used to think of some excuse on his behalf and convince herself that nothing was wrong. Years and years passed, she never left, he never stopped lying.
"Mira!" "What now?" "Why do you always get hyper?" "Can you please let me go?" "Okey fine. Go"
Her eyes filled with tears left the place. She wasn't expecting this answer though.

His scent.

She could smell him
in her hairs, her arms
but not in her life anymore.


The beauty of hardest "good-byes"is that they always come with the urge of  one never-ending-hug  for the last time that still remain unfulfilled.